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Guilin Tourist Attractions

Guilin is a world-famous scenic city and the historical and cultural city. Guilin is one of the most important tourist cities in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region enjoys Semiotic reputation. Located northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Hunan, Guangxi, southern end of the corridor. East, North and neighboring Hunan province. Hunan-Guangxi Railway and the Lijiang River runs through, in the construction of the Guangzhou high-speed rail across the whole territory, 321, 322, 323 National Road through three. Longitude 109 ¡ã 36 'to 111 ¡ã 29', latitude 24 ¡ã 15 'to 26 ¡ã 23', an average elevation of 150 meters, north and north-east border with Hunan Province, west, southwest and Laibin connected to the south, southeast and Wuzhou, Hezhou connected.

Guilin, with its unique landscapes and historical and cultural world famous. Is truly an international tourist city, known as "Semiotic" reputation. January 1979, national leaders pointed out that the socialist scenic city of Guilin; February 1982, the State Council announced the first batch of 24 Guilin to historical and cultural city; October 1985, the State Council of the city of Guilin nature as "China's key scenic city and the historical and cultural city."

Moon Rock Water (attractions2) 2016-7-14
Leading Mountain (attractions2) 2016-7-3
Totem Trail (attractions2) 2016-6-12
Cultural Monuments Landscape Garden (attractions2) 2016-6-5
Gudong Forest Falls (attractions2) 2016-4-28
Peach Blossom River (attractions2) 2016-4-3
Yaoshan Mountain (attractions2) 2016-3-16
Daye Shenjing (attractions2) 2016-3-9
Moon Hill (attractions2) 2016-2-10
Xiangshan Park (attractions2) 2016-1-11
Shutong Hill (attractions2) 2016-1-2
Taoyuan Village (attractions2) 2015-12-26
Crown Cave (attractions2) 2015-12-19
Elephant Trunk Hill (attractions2) 2015-12-7
Xiaoyao Lake (attractions2) 2015-11-15
Lijiang River Small Three Gorges (attractions2) 2015-9-20
Zi Island (attractions2) 2015-9-3
Reed Flute Cave (attractions2) 2015-7-31
Tower Hill (sight2) 2015-6-10
Mopanshan Dock (sight2) 2015-5-27
Bellamya Purificata Hill (sight2) 2015-5-19
Amah Rock (sight2) 2015-5-11
Cattle Gorge (sight2) 2015-4-29
Langshi Village (sight2) 2015-4-9
Cockfighting Hill (sight2) 2015-3-30
Yellow Cloth Reflection (sight2) 2015-3-14
Xiangui Bridge (sight2) 2015-3-6
Shili Grand Canyon (sight2) 2015-2-28
Xing'an Water Street (sight2) 2015-2-23
Gui Opera (sight2) 2015-1-30
Lijiang River Bamboo Rafting (sight2) 2015-1-24
Basha Miao Village (sight2) 2015-1-13
Jinkeng Terraces (sight2) 2015-1-5
Lijiang River (sight2) 2014-12-12
Yongfu Rock (sight2) 2014-11-13
Qianlong Sinkhole (sight2) 2014-10-28
Trial Sword Stone (sight2) 2014-10-12
Leading Mountain (sight2) 2014-10-8
Xingping Fishing Village (sight2) 2014-9-28
Star Event Horizon Tussauds (sight2) 2014-9-22
Impression of Liu Sanjie (sight2) 2014-9-15
Huangluo Yaozhai (sight2) 2014-9-7
Dragon Ridge Terrace (sight2) 2014-8-27
Lingqu Canal (sight2) 2014-8-20
Maoer Mountain (sight2) 2014-8-10
Jianshan Temple (sight2) 2014-7-29
Ancient East Falls (sight2) 2014-7-21
Baimo Sinkhole (sight2) 2014-7-15
Yuzi Paradise (sight2) 2014-7-4
Two Rivers Four Lakes (sight2) 2014-6-30
Seven Star Park (sight2) 2014-6-20
Baishou Rock (sight2) 2014-6-5
Wen City Stone Forest (sight2) 2014-5-30
Zhouwei Temple (sight2) 2014-5-22
Long Beach River Cruise Area (sight2) 2014-5-14
Chuanshan Park , Danxia Spa
Qingshitan Tourism and Leisure Resort (sight2) 2014-5-8
Tongdao County (sight2) 2014-4-30
East River Rafting (sight2) 2014-4-29
Yongfu Rock (sight2) 2014-4-21
Baihui Valley (sight2) 2014-4-16
Century Glacier Cave (sight2) 2014-4-7
Merryland (sight2) 2014-3-30
Guiren Cave (sight2) 2014-3-25
Datang Bay (sight2) 2014-3-21
Jinkeng Camp (sight2) 2014-3-17
Longji Terrace (sight2) 2014-3-12
Yellow Cloth Beach (sight2) 2014-3-10
Yangdi Raft (sight2) 2014-3-5
Yangshuo Bridge (sight2) 2014-2-28
Zhuang Palace (sight2) 2014-2-26
West Street (sight2) 2014-2-23

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