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Guilin River Cruise

A 50-kilometer boat ride from Guilin down the Li River (Lijiang River) to Yangshuo is an unusual experience for anyone. It is like sailing down a scroll on which is painted a traditional Chinese landscape. If the trip is compared to an enchanting sonata, then Guilin, the starting point of the trip, with green hills towering singly inside and outside of the city, is the exposition. The development is the Li River, with myriads of hills and peaks that seem to jut straight out of its banks. Yangshuo, which is called "the world of green lotus buds and jade bamboo shoots," is the destination of the trip or the tailpiece of the sonata, in which the musical theme is restated. The Li River, together with Guilin and Yangshuo, presents an unusually beautiful picture of green hills, weird peaks, fantastic caves and green waters, all arranged harmoniously by Nature.

Yangshuo is celebrated not only for its natural sights but also for its cultural relics. Apart from prehistoric sites and ancient landscaped gardens, it boasts a wealth of legends, poems, paintings and stone carvings left behind by visitors over the centuries. They record the history of the area and reflect the esthetic standards of the people.

A Li River cruise is included in all of our Guilin Tour Packages, we also offer seat in coach Li River cruise tours which depart daily, one day Li River boat trips with private land transfer are available too. Well, now let us start from Guilin and take an excursion down the river.

Li River cruise
1 Day Guilin Li River Cruise
Tour Code: LLRC_01
Summary: This is a Seat In Coach Tour. The Lijiang River boat trip is over 83 kilometers long and takes 4 to 5 hours. The picturesque landscape and country scenery will never disappoint you.

Bamboo Raft
Guilin Li River Cruise By Bamboo Raft From Yangdi To Xingping
Tour Code: LELRC
Summary: Seat In Coach Tour. Xingping is located about 25km away from Yangshuo. The scene in Xingping is the highlight of Li River Cruise. The scene here has even been featured on the 20 RMB bill. Former US president Clinton came to visit the ancient Xingping Village in 1998.

fishman on Li River
1 Day Guilin Li River Cruise Tour With Private Land Transfer
Tour Code: LLRC_02
Summary: As the land transfer for this river cruise tour from Yangshuo to Guilin is private, you have enough time to take optional tours to countryside, to have supper in the Yangshuo West Street, and even to watch the Liusanjie Light Show.

ethnic Dong People in Sanjiang
1 Day Guilin Li River Cruise And Yangshuo Tour
Tour Code: LLRC_03
Summary: Li River boat cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo with private land transfer. Tour to Big Banyan Tree Park and Moon Hill Park in Yangshuo.

drum tower in Zhaoxing
Li River Cruise By Private Speed-Boat (One Way From Guilin To Yangshuo)
Tour Code: LLRC_06
Summary: A high-speed boat ride down the Li River is one of the most exciting ways to enjoy the cruise!

Ethnic Miao People in Kaili
1 Day Guilin Li River Cruise And Yangshuo Silver Cave Tour
Tour Code: LLRC_07
Summary: Silver Cave is situated in Lipu County, 85km away from the Guilin City. Numerous crystal stalactites extend from the roof of the cave like stars in a falling Milky Way.

Li River Cruise By Small Motor Boat From Xingping To Yangdi
Tour Code: LLRC_08
Summary: Xingping is located about 25km away from Yangshuo. The scene in Xingping is the highlight of Li River Cruise. The scene here has even been featured on the 20 RMB bill.

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